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Sacred Journey to Peru

Our next sacred tour will be in 2024


Upcoming Events

The Q’ero Indians 5 Elements Trail & More

A sacred initiative quest of healing and transformation.

Holistic Jungle Retreat: Manu National Park

Hot Springs, Enchanting Golden 3-tier Waterfall, Swimming in clear river pools, Haramkbut community story telling

Visit the Valley of Cacao: Illapani Waterfall

Earth Healing Ceremony & Self- Care workshop & the Enchanted Waterfall of Illapani

W e have begun a very deep and profound awakening – awakening to true life and what truly is available to us on this beautiful earth. In this time of great change there is much upheaval – many confusions, doubts, and illusions – that are being broken down, refined, so we can ‘see’ the truth, feel it, experience it, hear it, and live it. The walls of illusion are dissolving with light and beauty. If you are ready to live your truth, if you are ready to see with new eyes, then come join us on the next journey in Peru. The time to live out your destiny is now on this earth, to live from your power center, your life force…

I offer these tours and retreats in Peru as a place to feel, experience, express, in whatever shape of form that takes, to get where you need to be, to heal, to laugh, to cry or simply sit in the simplicity and beauty of silence. These sacred tours and journeys are a time to find you, a place of freedom, of truth, in a supportive, loving and caring environment, to be all that you are and want to become. We will all be there to learn, to grow, and allow ourselves just to ‘be’. Bringing healing and balance to transform the world is what we know is needed. Bringing balance starts with ourselves, when we become balanced and in tune with our heart’s desires and we’re living in the flow of life we become beacons of light – for others to ‘see’, to ‘feel’, and to be inspired by.. We heal the world when the world within us is healed.

Take this time to rest, integrate, love, rejuvenate, and become all that you are. In the company of your sisters and brothers, in your own individual way you will get where you need to be. There is no set criterion for these tours, come with an open heart and find the way within. Join me on the next journey in Peru for an initiation of the Feminine.. or sign up for the next Manu Jungle retreat.. dream your world into being and awaken your Divine Feminine / Masculine power.. it’s what the world is waiting for….

Please email me to know more about the up coming Sacred Tour to discuss your suitability for this Transformational Opportunity in September 2023:

A select group of travelers will explore, heal, journey and transform together – there are very few spaces available. To join us in September and to secure your place contact me at:

“When I signed up for the Shamanka tour, I instinctively felt the trip would be the start of important changes in my life – a new chapter so to say. The ‘energies’ in the many and beautiful sacred places we visited, the profound work with Andean Priests (and our tour guides) along with the everyday magic of the Peruvian people and their lifestyle, helped my world change. I visited amazing places, made friendships, learnt new healing techniques and had personal healings and revelations, all of which made the person returning from Peru very different to the one who left.”

Jenny Chapman, UK


Co-create a Sacred Journey with us.

I offer private Tours tailored to your personal preferences. Individual private Tours and groups catered for. Have you always wanted to travel or bring a group to Peru? Let me organise and arrange everything for you. From 5 star hotel accommodation, restaurants, workshop or yoga spaces, Ceremonies, transport etc If you are a workshop leader of any kind, a Shamanic group leader, Yoga Teacher, Therapist etc. I can facilitate and organise a specialised and professional Sacred Tour to suit all your personal needs. I’ll be there guiding the way!

• We cater for Japanese groups and families – we have qualified Peruvian Tour Guides fluent in Japanese.

• We can also arrange plant ceremonies with qualified Medicine men & women. Including: Huachuma (San Pedro), Wilka, and Ayahuasca.

We are very happy to answer any of your questions.