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Our Mission

Our mission is to work in harmony with the Land, the Mother Earth or Pachamama. In respect, harmony and sacred ceremony we honour the land, the people, all beings and each other. We provide a safe space for people to join together in community, as one, revealing the Truth from within. To heal the land, the people of the earth, ourselves, each other and all sentient beings who love and honour the Pachamama. And to receive all that we need at this time to grow, walk gently on the earth and become all that we came here to be. Connecting Indigenous people and communities to educate & protect the sacred lands of Peru, practicing ancient techniques and channelled wisdom from the Divine to assist in the healing of our beautiful planet – which we call home.

Our Team

Maria Moonstar

Shamanka Trail Founder & Intuitive Explorer

What can I tell you? I studied Applied Clinical Psychology, and received a BSc with First Class Honours, and studied for two years in the UK as a certified Shamanic Practitioner and I can teach the Munay-Ki, but that doesn’t tell you a lot about who I really am.. I’d rather speak my truth to you for a moment and tell you I have been living in Peru for the majority of the past 14 years and it has been an amazing adventure. I can tell you I have met many people, including mystics, jungle shaman, curanderos(as) and Andean Priests (Paqos), who have brought light onto my path, earth angels as you might say, that continue to show me the way. I have been on an immense exploratory journey. Each experience lifting another layer, shattering another ‘false’ belief and stepping more and more into being fully present, and whole. I have been told I am an Earth Keeper and an Intuitive Explorer, which I sincerely resonate with. First and foremost I am here to serve God(dess), the Mother Earth and her children.

I, as we all, have had incredible experiences, moments of complete joy, connection and peace and moments of sadness and pain, but all a beautiful gift. As I speak for all of us these moments are there to challenge our will, our desire to change, to grow and become, to fulfill our destinies. Through determination, perseverance and love we can all live the life we seek and receive the transformation, insights and knowledge we all deserve. The story never ends of course and we continue through life weaving and dancing the web. It doesn’t really matter what we do, just so long as we do it with joy, with love, because we want to, and it is for our greatest good and the good of all. Enjoy the ride!

Peru for me is a wonder, a paradise, a magic wonderland, there is never a day that goes by that is not a surprise, a blessing or gift. I am eternally grateful that I have been able to live here. Of course it doesn’t matter where we are, we just have to open our eyes to see the beauty and the gifts that are there every day for each of us, whether that is a kind word or hug from a friend, an inspirational movie or a book, the rain drops on the ocean, or the cool breeze that passes on a hot day. We just have to open our eyes and our senses to see. I have been blessed that my life has led me to this place, and I have been able to share the wonders and magic or Peru with many beautiful people. The magnetic energy of Peru, its intensity, transforms and heals just by being here on the land, the Mother Earth. In return for her gifts and Great Spirit we take time out during these Journeys in simplicity and in grace to offer thanks for everything we have received and everything we will receive. We only have to believe, stay open to, and have faith that all our hearts desires will transpire, we will receive all we need and are ready for.

I welcome you to join me, together, on our next journey in Peru. With love in our hearts, we as people of the earth can make a difference, each individual a small rain drop that makes a ripple on a lake, but together we can make a wave in the ocean. We just have to have courage to take the first step… and the next… two steps forward and one step back, and before you know it you`re living your dream… and the next… and the next… the cycle continues… let the Journey begin!

Catherine Rowan

Tour Dates: 14th - 24th September, 2024

Catherine is a spiritual mentor and leadership coach to professional women seeking fulfillment and authentic self expression. Through her study and practice of non patriarchal spiritual traditions, which teach what power might look like when not based on dominance and control, she is able to offer a new model of power to women leaders.

Deborah Wild Curtis

Tour Dates: 15th to 25th March, 2025

Deborah Wild Curtis is a Sacred Ceremonial Facilitator, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Healer from the Shamanka Medicine Woman Lineage and the founder of She began her path of service as a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer in 2001.  Now, as a Yoga Trainer Elder and Spiritual Mentor, she leads ‘Wild Shakti’ Yoga Teacher Trainings, Ecstatic Cacao Ceremonies and Sweatlodges on her Sacred land in Oxfordshire, England. She is responsible for birthing an incredible, vast and unique tribe of Yoga Teachers and Shamanic Initiates; now embodied into her lineage of Sacred Space Holders. Deborah is well known and loved in her circles for her playful, heart-centered, warrior leadership. As a guardian of Sacred Earth Energies and carrier of Ancient Stone Medicine, she offers Shamanic Healings and Trainings, Wisdom Coaching and Sacred Earth Walks. With a deep calling to share the potent Heart Medicine of Mama Cacao. Deborah’s soul passion is holding sacred space for others to find their true path of potential, of joy and of liberation. As a catalyst for inspiring and uplifting the message of celebration and oneness; her mission is to unite ancient earth wisdom with the accelerating planetary vibration; creating love, light and freedom on our Mother Planet.

Hannah Carr & Sarah King

holistic health collective website

Tour Dates: 3rd - 12th May, 2025

Sisters Hannah and Sarah are passionate about supporting women and their health holistically for the mind, body and soul. They are guided by seasonal living including a woman’s inner cycle, the seasons and the moon. Coaching their clients in a number of modalities including yoga, breath work and nutrition. They love travel and retreats for their immerse nature and as opportunities for change, growth and expansion. @holistichealthcollectiveuk @balancedbodywellnessuk

Altomesayoc Hermestrimegisto

Maestro Hermes has been practicing as an Altomesayoc or Peruvian Mystic, Seer, Healer, Curandero, and Alchemist for the past 9 years. After 25 years in preparation, taught by many Maestros of the Jungle, the North of Peru and the Andes, Maestro Hermes continues to heal and transform his people and the land on many levels. Including; serious illness that cannot be cured by any medical doctors; solution of theft and land disputes to name a few, Maestro Hermes says in his own words that he is here to “Rescue Souls”, We are honored to have Maestro Hermes with us on the next 14 Day journey in Peru 2022, sharing his wisdom and offering his teachings.

Rosse Mary Vargas Vilela

Previous Facilitator

I met Rosse Mary when I visited the Island of the Sun in Bolivia 12.12.12. I was drawn to her by her beautiful, and strong energy and was guided by spirit to speak with her – I wanted to visit the Island of the Moon 13.12.12 and the spiritual group she was guiding I was told were going to the Island of the Moon that day.. I knew it was going to be a special visit before I had even set off for Bolivia, but I hadn’t realsied how so.. (continued in blog post).

Rosse Mary is a cultural and spiritual guide living in La Paz, Bolivia and is a descendent of Quechua and Aymara ancestors. She has a unique knowledge and relationship with local indigenous people and cultures. Rosse Mary has a close relationship with Indigenous Elders, Shaman and Wisdom Keepers from around the world. She was invited to participate and present at the Unification of the Eagle and Condor Gathering in Peru and the Sacred Circle of Grandmother and Grandfather Wisdom Keepers in Argentina in 2007. In 2009 Rosse Mary was invited to participate in the International Return of the Ancestors Gathering in Sedona, Arizona and the Sacred Fire Ceremony in Greenland and Chile. She also has travelled extensively in Europe presenting cultural information of the Andes. It is an honor to have Rosse Mary guiding our group in Bolivia and sharing her wisdom with us at the ancient sites.